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It is well known that most of the people will  consult an astrologer or many astrologers for a particular event or for most of their events to know the forecast or to find the auspicious periods or to find a solution to their problem(s).

Lets compare destiny to a less powered moped for an event, one cannot think of crossing 50 kmph speed at the maximum in spite of one’s talent and effort on the throttle. Hence finding the strength of the destiny and the destiny itself is the most important one.

An eminent astrologer could find the destiny of an event in the chart and predict well. If the prediction is not supportive to the person or people enquiring, the very next question raised by them  would be  “What is the Remedy for that ?”

Many of the Astrologers with limited knowledge take advantage  of the state of the client and try to make money out of it in terms of remedies like expensive poojas and pariharas. But the result of such remedial measures can be positive for few and no impact for many. Nobody knows if those few clients got positive results either because of such remedial measures or not because they were already destined for that

In medial field, proper diagnosis of the disease  is the most important one; and the prognosis (outcome or fate) of the disease, if that is curable or incurable or some chance for betterment. Then the correct medicines have to be prescribed for a particular time of period by the doctor and the same has to be taken by the patient with true trust.

In the same way, in Astrology , the Astrologer has to find the real causative planets for the particular trouble of the native. Then the destiny (fate) of the trouble or event is to be studied from the particular cuspal ruler’s significations if there are complete negative or positive significations or mixed significations due to which the native face hurdles. If the Astrologer finds if there are positive significations along with hurdles, then required remedial measures to activate or strengthen the positive significator or to reduce or balance the negative significators. If there are complete negative destiny is seen, No remedy or No God could help.

That is destiny.


You should understand what is the use of astrology and consulting an Astrologer , when it is said  that everything is destined.

Most of the people run one after another astrologer with an urge if any one astrologer could solve their problem and help them come out of the trouble or find solution..

One must understand that no astrologer can solve one’s problem and can not stop the destiny.

But the level of impact alone can be reduced or balanced or increased by proper guidance.

No astrologer could bring luck to you which is not destined in your chart, but an Expert KP astrologer can guide the people  how to act and react in the present and future periods to face the problems or reduce the impact or to increase the beneficial effects.

NO Astrologer can Stop Raining. But an astrologer can warn you about the up coming rain and can guide you to take an Umbrella with you to protect from the impact of the rain.

Good Luck !

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