Is any of the below or similar questions triggering your mind to know the good Muhurtha?


1.We have found a suitable bride to my son. We will like to get auspicious Muhurtha for his marriage.

2.We like to conduct the marriage of our daughter within the couple of months as she has to go back to US. We have fixed the Bride groom. We like to get auspicious muhutha for marriage within this couple of months

3.We are planning to start a new business. Please give us good muhurtha in the coming month.

4.I am planning a buy and register a property in my wife’s name. I like to get a good muhurtha for the same.

5.We are planning to do Grahaprasev to our newly built house. We need auspicious dates and Muhurtha for the same.

You must know the following:

1.Though there are general Muhurtha dates and times, we have to find the date and time which is favorable as per your chart pertaining to the event.

2.The favorable Dates have to be found by studying on lot of vedic parameters like Tharabhal, Chndrabhal, Thithi, Yogam, Nethra/Jeevan, Rahukala, Yamakandam, Durmuhurtham, Arthaprakarana, Kulikai, Subhahoras and so.

3.And we have to find the stars of the selected dates are favorable to the particular event.

4.And the Lagna has to be fixed keeping in mind the vedic principles and also asper the KP principles for a strong lagna.

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