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Are you having any of the below or similar questions bothering your mind pertaining to Money related matters ?


1.Will I get Credit facility or loan from my bank?

2.Will i get loan from the person in mind?

3.When will I get my loan sanctioned?

4.When will I clear off my debts?

5.When will I get back my money that I lent?

6.How will be financial status in the coming year?

7.I am facing severe financial crisis. When will I recover from my debts?

8.Will I be financially sound in my life?

You must know the following:

1.It is important to know the destiny of your financial status in your chart.

2.2.According to the strength and weakness of the destiny, you could have either a stable financial flow with bank balance or instability and could not save money depending on the running Dasa Bukthi.

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