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Is any of the below or similar questions triggering your mind to know the Lucky Name ?


1.We are blessed with a girl baby. We like to name her according to her lucky number astrologically.

2.I want to correct my name to a lucky one astrologically.

3.Can you please suggest us a Luck Name for our new business?

You must know the following:

1.Lucky name is based on numerology only. But I apply two different methods to coin the lucky name

2.We must find the lucky planet(s) or most favorable planet(s) in your chart and the numbers pertaining to these planets are the lucky numbers.

3.Taking the Date of birth or the added number of your date/month/year is as your lucky number is not correct. If the planet pertaining to that number is connected to unfavorable significations in your chart, how It would be lucky?

4.For any business, the Name of the business must be coined according to the common lucky number of all the partners.

E mail ReportPhone ConsultationPersonal Appointment
For Individual2500 INR / 50 USD 2500 INR / 50 USD2500 INR
For Business (One person)3000 INR / 60 USD 3000 INR / 60 USD 3000 INR
For Business (2 persons)3500 INR / 70 USD3500 INR / 70 USD3500 INR
For Business (3-4 persons)4000 INR / 80 USD4000 INR / 80 USD4000 INR

To get a Lucky name for you or your children or for your business