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Are you having any of the below or similar questions bothering your mind pertaining to the Marriage Matching?


1.We have found a bride with good qualities, we like to know if she is compatible astrologically to my son?

2.I like to know the marriage matching between these two charts

3.We are interested with a groom and their family also has shown interest. We like to know the Astrological compatibility report between my daughter’s chart and the proposed boy’s chart.

4.Is this boy suitable astrologically to my granddaughter?

You must know the following:

1.Marriage matching does not stop only with the Star or Guna matching. It is only a general matching which is required only to sort list the list of bride or groom.

2.Study on the 7th cuspal rulers and Venus has to be done to find the destiny of the marriage and marital life as per his birth chart. The weakness or strength has to be studied.

3.Matching has to be done to the one whose chart is having either favorable significations or balancing of the negative significations to the other chart.

4.Study on the longevity, progeny, career, finance etc., have to be studied for both.

5.The running and the coming Dasa periods have to be studied for the general welfare.

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