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  • Dear Astrologer, I am proud to state that I have received my property documents held up in Government office duly approved to my benefit on 6th February 2009, in accordance to your predictions by Horary Astrology nearly 2 months ago. I am full of admiration for your prediction being so correct, thanks.

    Mrs.Sowmya, Meerut, India,

  • Dear Guruji, as you had predicted before, my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on the night of 22.02.2009. Further as per your prediction there was complication in delivery and it was born only by surgery. In keeping with your cautionary advice, I postponed my outstation visit on that day and stayed with my wife. Many thanks for your guidance.

    Mr.Narayana murti, Bangalore, India,

  • Dear Guruji, your prediction became true. I am glad to tell you that though the doctors were doubtful of recovery, my son overcame the dangerous situation and recovered and was brought back home within a week, as you had predicted .thanks for your wonderful predictions.

    Mr. Deepak Choudary, 45 yrs, CA., USA,

  • Hi Sir, you analyzed by Horary Astrology and stated that my reproductive organs were infected and causing the abdominal pain which was 100% correct. I am still wondering about your analysis and accurate prediction. May your noble service continue to benefit the society.  Thanks

    Ms. Tootsie, 45 yrs, New York, USA ,

  • Namaskar ji, Last year I consulted you had analyzed by Horary Astrology and predicted that though my love marriage would take place in the stipulated time, but it would not be satisfactory and would not last long. I married my lover but we were separated in 3 months time as predicted.

    Ms. Smitha, 25 yrs. Delhi, India,

  • Sir, you predicted that I will indeed get a transfer before 28th January 2009, and there will be demotion in my rank. As you had predicted, I was transferred to another college as a professor with a ranking below what I held earlier.  I was very surprised to learn that your analysis was very accurate, thanks.

    Mr. Ramesh Kapoor, 46 yrs, Lucknow, India,

  • Dr. Adith ji was the first person to verify my birth details with past events before giving his predictions. That way he was accurate and very resourceful.

    Mr. Ranvir, 35 yrs, Mumbai, India,

  • Dear Guruji, Your prediction on my business failure became true, but thanks to your advice I made a quick turn around. Your advice prepared me for the inevitable and saw me through it. Thanks for your wonderful prediction and guidance.

    Mr. Patel, 55 yrs, Ahmedabad , India,

  • I am in constant consultations with Dr. Adith ji through different decisions in my life. His astrological advice is key to all my important decisions. May God Bless you.

    Mr. Naresh, 35 yrs, Australia,

  • I am happy to testify that truth is what Dr. (Adith) will give you in a report, not just good news. His remedies are effective and consistent. Great !

    Mrs. Sasikala, 40 yrs, Salem, India,

  • It’s astonishing to see his detailed method of marriage matching and it is worth getting his guidance. He is not like others who just look into the classic parameters for matching. He follows an in depth analysis of both the charts.

    Mr. Subramanian, 55 yrs, Salem, India,

  • I have not met such astrologer in my life who takes detailed analysis on the birth chart from the stage of checking the birth time to the destiny, before giving the predictions. Om Sai Ram !

    Mrs. Latha, 38 yrs, Salem, India,

  • Dear Dr. Adith kasinath ji, my business has started progressing as per your predictions from this Jan 2013 and I trust the gem stone (Blue Sapphire) that you have prescribed me has been supporting me a lot in my career growth . Thanks.

    Mr. Viswanathan, 45 yrs, Mettur, India,

  • Dear Sir, I thank you from my the base of my heart for your excellent predictions and guidance on my personal life. Now I understand what is destined to me. Now I could make up my mind as per you advice which helps me to move smoothly. You are my Guru !

    Ms. Kavitha, 21 yrs, Chennai, India,