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Are any of the below or similar questions triggering your mind to know the Lucky Gemstone?


1.Which Gem stone I can wear for my general prosperity?

2.Can I wear Emerald or Ruby? Please suggest.

3.I am facing tremendous financial trouble. Will any gem therapy could help me?

4.Which is my lucky Gem to wear? I like to wear one. Please advice.

5.I am facing serious health issues for the past 5 years. Can any Gem help me for speedy recovery?

6.Please suggest me suitable Gem for my financial growth.

You must know the following:

1.Selection of suitable Gem is a great task which has to be done by detailed study on the chart.

2.Recommending the Gem of the planet who is running the unfavorable Dasa Bukthi or according to the Moon sign is wrong.

3.The Gem has to be selected either to reduce the malefic effect of a malefic planet by counteracting or to enhance the beneficial energy of the favorable planet.

4.A suitable gem which can be useful for the general prosperity as a lucky gem can also be recommended after a thorough study.

5.A beneficial planet in the chart which is afflicted by some other malefic planets can be strengthened by wearing the Gem of that planet provided that planet is not connected to any unfavorable significations.

6.After the selection of suitable Gem, original and flawless Gem has to be procured. I can get you lab tested Gem from authentic source for you.

7.Proper procedure to wear the Gem has to be followed which includes the correct metal, hand, finger, the period and also pooja before wearing.

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To know if you can wear any Lucky Gem for your general prosperity or if any Gem therapy can be useful to your current problem