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Is any of the below or similar question triggering your mind to know the accurate Birth time?


1. I am not confident with my birth time which could be between 6 and 7 am, can you find my accurate birth time ?

2. My mother says I was born in the early morning before sun rise. But she does not know the actual time of birth. I like to know my accurate birth time.

3. I don’t know if my Lagna is either Aries or Pisces. I met many astrologers who were different in their opinion. Can you please find a solution to this question through the KP method ?

4. I like to know if my recorded birth time is accurate.

You Must understand the following:

1. Even few minutes would change the destiny of your events of your life. Hence accurate birth time is most important.

2. Through KP method of BTR techniques, I can find the accurate time of your birth.

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To know your Accurate Time of Birth or get your birth time rectified or to know if your birth time is accurate