Why a number from 1 to 249 is asked by the astrologer – is it numerology? 

No, it’s not. A number from 1 to 249 is asked not for predicting with the use of numerology.

In the intricate field of Vedic Stellar Astrology, when the influences of planets are considered, the Star-lord through which a planet travels is more indicative of the effects rather than the planet itself indicating the effects. Moreover that Star-lord is divided into 9 sub-lords and when a planet travels through a sub-lord, only that sub-lord decides whether the effect of the star-lord can be induced, modified or ceased. To elaborate further we can say that even if a planet has indicated that a person is likely to beget a child, when the star-lord through which that planet travels would indicate signs contrary to childbirth, then that planet is not beneficial for the birth of a child. Similarly, even if the star-lord has indicated the favorable result, when the sub-lord is indicating to the contrary, then certainly the beneficial effect of the star-lord will not be forthcoming.  This is the basic principle of the Sub-lord Theory.

Every star-lord is divided into 9 unequal subdivisions called the sub-lords; so the Zodiac has 249 such sub-lords.  So when someone is asking a question with an urge, the selected number helps to ascertain his mentality and find the correct answer by locating the sub-lord of the Ascendant with whose help the Horary chart is prepared.  In other words, the number mentioned by the subject helps to establish the Sub-lord of the Ascendant, and when the position of the Ascendant is known, the positions of the other 11 Bhavas can also be deduced.

In what methods are the questions answered?

All the questions asked are answered by analysis based on advanced KP Stellar Astrology and the Accurate Astrological Predictions are given. The methods of analysis of are:

a)Horary Analysis (KP)

Using the Horary Chart, the nature of the question, the mentality of the subject, the probability of the event in question and the time of its occurrence are determined.

b)Natal Chart Analysis (KP)

Using the Natal Chart, the prevailing Dasa, Budhi and Andra are analyzed and the answer to the question is found by the prevailing transit positions of the planets.

c)Advanced natal Chart Analysis (KP)

The travel of planets from their positions in the natal chart to their positions at the time in question is established according to Vimsothari Dasa system. The Progressed positions of the planets and the cusps would indicate the answer.

All the above three methods are employed to analyze the matter and provide the Accurate Predictions to the subject. This is my unique approach.

If the Birth details is unknown or doubtful, how can the person know the correct forecasts?

I can provide the correct answers to the questions of the person through the excellent KP Horary Astrology.  But the question should be asked with an urge arising in the mind about the subject.

Should the questions asked be about oneself or others also?

The questions may be about yourself as well as your parents, spouse, children, and others too.  But the correct relationship should be indicated.  Further if their time of birth is also given, it will enable providing answers after thorough scrutiny including Natal chart analysis.

Why is it necessary to know exactly the time and place of birth?

When there is a change in the time and place of birth, the position of the Ascendant, which is the lifeline of the horoscope, also undergoes a change.  Further, as even a few minutes’ difference is likely to alter the sub-lords, the horoscope itself will be destined to change.  When there is some difference in the place of birth, there will be a difference in the latitude and longitude, which will alter the accurate positions of the Planets and Bhavas, thereby resulting in wrong computation of the horoscope.  So it is necessary to know the correct time and place of birth.

Correct time of birth means the Standard Time being used in that place.  In some countries Daylight Saving Time or Summer Time is in use for some seasons.  If the subject was born when such timing was in use, then only the Standard Time is to be taken as the correct time of birth.  The Local time of the place should not be considered.

Are the horoscopes constructed, analyzed and predictions made with the help of computer software?  

Only the construction and computation of horoscopes is being done by specially developed computer software for fast and accurate calculation and computation of the Chart.  But I will analyze each chart manually and cast the accurate and exclusive predictions.

How long will it take to receive the predictions from the Astrologer for the Email report mode of service?

The Predictions as a Report file in PDF format will be sent within 3-4 days via Email.