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  • Find and understand your strength and weakness astrologically from your chart.
  • Know about your destiny (prabtham) for each matter in the life and act according to the guidance from a good guru or an astrologer. Utilise the favorable periods and be careful in the unfavorable periods.
  • Remember that one takes the birth as per the previous karma and will be tested how he/she reacts to others in difficulty in the current birth. If he/she does good or bad, everything will be accounted.
  • Doing harm to others including human, animals or snakes or birds will be accounted as sin and the respective planets governing the affected living ones will become malefic to you and your generation. For example: Jupiter-forefather, Sun-father, Moon-mother, Mars-siblings, Venus-wife or women, Mercury-Daughter/ Sister/ Relatives,  Rahu- in-laws, snakes, Ketu- snake, dogs etc.,  Hence Do not harm or cheat anyone or any creatures by any means to your best. And try to do good to them , this would pacify the concerned planets and would help your children and grand children with a good planetary placements in their birth.
  • Do not be greedy or jealousy on others.
  • Do not show enmity on others.
  • Bring up your children with good habits and characters which could help them to control the mind to understand and compromise or adjust according to the situation and can lead a peaceful life. When Moon(mind) is tuned with good thoughts and attitude, good brought up boy or girl could easy face the troubles or challenges in life due to the bad planetary periods instead of taking any hasty decisions. This would fetch good results.
  • Give respect to your husband, parents, in-laws and all elders.
  • Do not look down gurus or sages or elders. This would make Jupiter malefic who could cause trouble to you or your generation.
  • Do not neglect your parents or siblings or relatives or anyone even if they are not good to you. This would fetch you good in time. Otherwise it will become a sin.
  • Do not think that you have the capability to live a good life and others do not have.  You must understand this that you have this good life due to some good karma you did in the previous birth and the others suffer due to their past bad karma.
  • If you do not help/support them in need though you can, this would become a sin and your debit balance (bad karma) would be added in your current account. This would affect your generation, your children or grandchildren who will be born with bad planetary positions and suffer on account of that.
  • Your good karma or help to others would help your generation in time of any danger.
  • Offer food to poor, blind people, beggars, dogs, cows, ants, monkeys, elephants and birds.
  • Understand and control your mind and lead a peaceful life.
  • Do cultivate the routine visit to your kuldev temple every month or whenever possible.
  • Do not forget to follow your rituals for your pitrus
  • Daly do Surya namaskar
  • Do worship all the Gods representing the Planets in the Navagraha temple as and when possible.
  • Recite the Beej mantra of benefic planets to seek help and recite Stotra of malefic planets daily to pacify them.
  • Do consult an expert Kp Astrologer before proceeding with any event in your life and act according to his guidance.

Good Luck !

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