Prevention is better than cure: Purpose of consulting an expert KP astrologer

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Astrology is a divine tool which could be useful like a guide in your life which is unknown to you. Astrologer can not change your fate. But he can alert you in time for proper preparation to face and tackle the situation to reduce or increase the impact.

This would help you utilise the favorable time and avoid the unfavorable time which could save you from mental frustration, loss of money and time. This would help you to lead a peaceful life by knowing and understanding the destiny.

Instead of running from one astrologer to an another after a failure in any of the events like marriage, progeny, loss in business etc.,, one must try to find an expert astrologer and consult  in advance before proceeding any action . One should know the destiny, precautions to be taken, the right period etc before initiating any event. Because  prevention is better than cure, and in a way prevention is the only cure.


1. One must know the overall strength of the lagna and other bavas in the chart.

2. One must find the destiny indicated by each house (by study on the cusp) to understand if they are completely positive or negative or a mixture of both. Accordingly, we can decide on the next course of action.

3.  Lets compare destiny to a less powered moped for an event, one cannot think of crossing 50 kmph speed at the maximum in spite of one’s talent and effort on the throttle. Hence finding the strength of the destiny and the destiny itself is the most important one.

4. It is important to understand that one cannot get what is not destined. Only the level of impact can be reduced or increased by the effort or remedial measures or precautions according to the guidance by an astrologer.

5. It would help to consult a good astrologer periodically to get guidance properly on all events in one’s life

6. Interestingly,  the running short periods of particular planet could trigger him/her to get involved or interested into a particular event, but consulting a good astrologer to find if the destiny for such event is good or not and also if the coming periods are favorable. Just because of the current positive thoughts or urge or advice by others  for particular event in a particular time, it is well advised not jump into that. This is applicable for all the events of life. This is where most of the people fail and finally end up in trouble.

7. One should commence efforts for anything in a favorable or supportive period which could further minimise the bad significations. This favorable period is not just a muhurtha but also a favorable one according to one’s chart. So selection of good favorable period and muhurtha is most important. Hence  one should know the favorable and possible period for an event and do one’s effort accordingly. We have to hit the rod when it is hot !

8. Most important use of knowing the destiny is to get prepared mentally to move ahead which could solve the half of the trouble.

Let you know the destiny first in your chart for each event in your life and further the role of the running Dasa Bukthi periods through the great KP system and act accordingly.

Om Sairam !

Pranams to my Guruji Shri.KSK.!!!

Good Luck !

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