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Dear friends,

Worshiping Lord Uchista Maha Ganapathy and our Guruji Shri.KSK, I like to furnish herewith my method of marriage matching that a KP astrologer can follow.

•    When everything is destined, is it possible for us to do as per our wish ?

•    If one has to get married to one who is destined to become one’s partner, can anyone change it ?

•    If so, practice of matching before marriage is of no use ?

The above are the valid questions arising in the mind of even great astrologers and also many of common people.

My views are as follows: 

•    If everything is destined, what is role of Astrologers and what is use of Astrology?

•    But everything has its own limitation.

•    We cannot bring in what is not destined. But we can make use of the beneficial ones and reduce the impact of the malefic ones.

For example, image if one has lost a leg by some means. If he is , he cannot afford getting an artificial leg to him where as a rich person can. There the lost leg cannot be brought back but the impact of the lost leg can be balanced by an artificial leg.

Suppose the poor person with a single leg wants to go to a place by walk. He consults a person (say an astrologer) on the way to show him a right path for him to go the place. The astrologer first has to find possibility for him to reach the place he wants to go looking at the condition of the person. If astrologer feels that he can reach the place with some effort even with his single leg by walk, the astrologer has to advise him the best possible way with fewer hurdles for him to walk.

No point in suggesting him the regular path wherein others can reach very fast and also no point in showing him the path which is not possible for him to follow.

The astrologer cannot bless him to recover his lost leg. But looking at the possibility and also the condition of the person, when suggests a proper path , the disabled person understanding his situation, can follow the advice and take forward to reach his place.

Similarly, when a native approaches an astrologer, he has to first study the destiny (condition) of the marriage and marital life of the native. Then the native has to be informed about that. Then he has to be advised to find a life partner who can either support him or at least balance his negative points astrologically in the marital life.

The astrologers have to understand here that a native with a poor marital destiny cannot be matched to a partner with a good destiny and they cannot marry also. Because the destiny for the person is that he has to face trouble in the marriage life similar to a person who lost a leg. Here the astrologer has to find a chart from the charts with mixed destiny with balancing significations to the native’s negative significations as it should not further worsen the situation by misunderstandings or incompatibility in their mind settings and also by upcoming unfavorable periods.

There are several Traditional marriage matching rulers which comprises of Star matching, Guna matching, Dasavidha poruththam along with the conditions on Mars Doshs, Rahu-Ketu Dosha, Kal sharp Dosha and many more.

But being scientific astrologers following the wonderful KP system, we have to apply scientifically the knowledge along with the logic and principles properly while doing the matching surpassing the traditional method.


Let’s imagine a father approaches us to find a match to his daughter. 

STEP1: (study on the native’s chart):

First we have to scrutiny the destiny of the daughter on the marriage perspective whether she is destined with a happy marital life or mixed destiny or complete negative destiny.

If the destiny is complete negative (negating marriage), then there is no use in proceeding further.

If the destiny is mixed , we have to study the level of mixed significations either just late marriage or hurdles in marriage and also trouble in the marital life or chance for more than a marriage and so on.

Then the planets which are the causes for the mixed significations and also the significations of the running and coming Dasa periods have to be found.

If she is destined with marriage but with troubled marital life, we have to find a boy chart with the mixed destiny but not exactly as of her . And his chart should have some balancing/supporting significations of her negative significations and vice versa.

STEP2(Studothe bride/groom’s chart)

We have to study the chart which has been brought for matching to his daughter here equal to the STEP 1 to find the level of destiny and the trouble giving planets and periods. If the destiny of the alliance is not good or worse than the native, no need to proceed to the STEP 3.

STEP3(Matching between the charts- Compatibility)

We have to keep in mind that we cannot just match a chart to any better chart provided both have some interlinks within them. Ie., unless they are made for each other. So we can match to the other only if both are having some connection between their charts astrologically. This is called COMPATIBILITY. This can be found from this STEP 3.

STEP4(Looking at the other parameters)

If the STEP 3 is satisfactory then we can proceed with the last STEP 4 to find the significations/strength on the health, longevity, progeny, profession, financial condition and more.


  • According to the level of destiny of the Native at the Step 1, matching to a partner with a comparatively better destiny and with balancing the weak significations of the native is a must.
  • If the Partner’s destiny is showing detrimental destiny than the native on the marital life in the Step 2, proceeding with the Step 3 is not required.
  • If both the native and the partner’s destiny are showing moderate or above moderate significations on the marital life, we can further proceed with the Step 3 to check their compatibility.
  • If the Step 3 is showing favorable, then we can move to Step 4. 

After studying carefully all the above steps, it is the role of the Astrologer to decide the compatibility level and to advise the parent.

Hope I have made myself clear in explaining the steps to the reader. The steps have been given in a CHECK LIST format below in a tabular form for easy reference.

Good Luck !

My pranams to our Guruji Shri.KSK ! Om Sai Ram !!



1 7th House • Beneficial aspect • Afflicted by aspect OR occupation of l/o 6 or 8 or 12
2 7th lord7th starlord

7th Sublord


• 2,5,7,11 • 6,12,8,10,4,1• Afflicted by Aspect or conjunction of l/o 6,8,12

• Indication of more than a Relationship

3 Current Dasa/Bukthi and

Next Dasas

• 2,5,11,7 • 1,6,12,8,4


1 7th House • Beneficial aspect • Afflicted by aspect OR occupation of l/o 6 or 8 or 12
2 7th lord7th starlord

7th Sublord


• 2,5,7,11 • 6,12,8,10,4,1• Afflicted by Aspect or conjunction of l/o 6,8,12

• Indication of more than a Relationship

3 Current Dasa/Bukthi and

Next Dasas

• 2,5,7,11 • 1,6,12,8,4


1. Moon sign lordMoon starlord Moon Sublord Lagna Sign lord Lagna Star lord Lagna Sublord

Day lord

• Connected to 7thrulers in other’s chart

• 2-5-7-11 significator in  other’s chart

• Connected to

Running DB of other

• 6,8,12,4 in other’s chart
2 Lagna sign Compatible with thenature/Traits to other’s

Lagna sign

•    6,8,12 in other’s chart
3 Moon sign • 6,8,12 in other’s chart
4 Running DasaBukthi Periods •    1,5,11 in other’s chart • 4,6,12 in other’s chart
5 2,5,7,11SIGNIFICATORS •    1,5,11,8 in other’s chart • 4,6,12,10 in other’s charts



1 Strength ofLagna, Longevity  and Health 1st   Lord1st CStl

1st CSL




8th lord

8th Cstl

8th   CSL


6th Lord

6th Cstl

6th CSL

• 1,10,11,3,5,9 (exclude Badaka)• Lagna / lagna lord aspected by Beneficial planet


•    1,3,5,8,11 (exclude

11 for chara Lagna)



•    1,5,11 (exclude 11 for chara Lagna)

• Lagna and its lord: afflicted by 6.8,12 Lord• 1csl=1,6,2,7,

12, Badaka


• 8csl=2,7,12,6, Badaka

• Affliction to 8th


• 6th csl=

1,6,12,8, Badaka

2 Progeny Jupiter5th lord

5th CStL

5th CSL

• 2,5,11• 2,5,11,8 • barren signs• 1,4,10,12,6

• Afflicted by malefic planets

3 Longevity of spouse (2nd Csl) 2nd CSL • 2,7,5,9,11,3 (exclude badaka) • 1,8,6,4, badaka
4 Financial Gain 2nd CSL • 2,3,4,6,10,11 • 12,5,8
5 Career 10th   CSL • 2,3,6,10,11 • 12,5,8
6 GeneralProsperity 11th CSL • 2,5,11,10,1 • 6,8,12

With Regards

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