What is the difference between traditional vedic sytem and the adavanced system of KP (Krishnamurti Pathathi)?

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Traditional Vedic system is a basic system wherein most of the time the predictions seem to be same for those born with same lagna/rasi and the predictions are vague and most of the time go wrong .

For example, lets take that twins who are born within few minutes interval. A traditional astrologer would erect the birth chart wherein almost all the planetary position, the lagna and other house positions would be the same for both the babies in both the Rasi and Navasmsa charts. But in real life each baby would experience different results in each event in life like Health, Education, Marriage, Marriage life, Profession, etc.,.  Why?

In an another case, an astrologer would have predicted that the native who was running the Dasa period of exalted planet who was favorably posited in the natal chart would definitely bring him gain and success. But the native would have struggled and lost all his money in that period . How?

This is the main difference between the traditional approach and KP theory.  As per KP system (you can study the separate article about KP system given to understand better), the house division and the planetary positions are marked as per their exact degree that they are passing at the time of birth in the zodiac. Even small difference in the time would the degree of their position and the rulers of the planet or house would vary and also the destiny would change.

The traditional astrologers would take a same lagna for two people born approximately within two hours interval. Even if you give approximate time , they wont bother . They just fix up the lagna and give predictions. That is wrong. If we cast the chart asper KP principles , the planetary and the house positions would vary. Further the planets would be traveling in the star of other planet and in the sub of other planet which is the deciding factor. So the role of a particular event is controlled by its star lord and decided by its sub lord. Hence only through this method the destiny and the exact role of each planet could be known.

We can daily watch in media that many Traditional astrologers are giving predictions/forecasts  just based on Lagna or Moon Rasi. Are they correct ? NO. If so, there would be only twelve types of people in the world. Is it not! Hence do not just trust those predictions or forecasts which are general predictions. Further we could see many people just believe in their words in terms of remedies to get out of the trouble they face and spend huge money without any results at the end. They again start searching for another astrologer who can give them the solution. The people must first find the destiny, the right period and the correct steps to be taken in the process. For which they need to find an Expert KP Astrologer with good knowledge in the advanced systems like scientific stellar and sublord theory (KP).

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