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First of all, I like to assure that remedial measures can not bring in the desired results to every one for every problem. What is completely absent in the destiny can not be brought out . So if there are complete negating significations present in the horoscope for a particular event, no remedial measures could help, because of the bad karma. But If there is presence of any positive significations along with negating factors which could cause hurdles, some remedial measures could help to activate the beneficial factors and to reduce the negative factors.

No Astrologer can stop Raining through Remedies. But an astrologer can predict and warn you about the up coming rain and can guide you to take an Umbrella with you to protect from the impact of the rain. Here seeking the help of the Umbrella is remedy. If the native is not destined or not remembering what the astrologer told him, he will forget to take the umbrella on the day of rain , though he has been carrying all the other days. That is destiny.

Firstly the fore most preparative remedial measure is to understand, accept the destiny properly on account of past karma and to act accordingly controlling the mind a sper the guidance of a good Astrologer. This would help one get prepared to go ahead , face troubles and reduce disappointments.

Hence go by the proper guidance of a Guru or an Astrologer always which would help you to lead your life peacefully.

There are many Remedial measures:

1. Worshiping specific God and Goddess and visiting the temples

2. Mantras.

3. Yantras,

4. Homa/Yaga/Poojas,

5. Lal kitab

6. Gemstones

Out of these, Mantras could be more helpful in seeking the help of the benefic planets and also to pacify the malefic planets. Proper chanting of Mantras could ward off and guard from the evil effects. Yantras also could be useful to wear and also to worship with proper mantras to seek help or pacify the planets.

And Worshiping God and Goddess visiting their temple with dedication would give peace and blessing from them.

Mantras and yantras could be supportive therapy whereas GEM therapy could be the prime.

Remedies prescribed  in the report :

The required useful remedial measures may be advised to reduce the malefic effects of certain planets or to enhance the beneficial effects. But this is not mandatory for all the reports as this depends on the planetary positions in the chart..

The remedial measures along with the astrological report would contain any or all of the following categories.

1) Exploring the destiny and advising to get mentally prepared and proceed accordingly

2) Mantras and Yantras

3) Visiting temples and worshiping specific God/Goddess

4) Lal Kitab remedies

The “Gem therapy” which is one of the best method would be handled as a separate paid service, as it involves more study and time.

 Good Luck !

 Dr.G.K.Adith Kasinath
“KP Hora Ratna”
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