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ksk PHOTOKP (Krishnamurthi Paththadhi) is based on scientific Stellar Astrology (Paththadhi means theory). The KP System is an excellent scientific method of Astrological predictions conceived and created by the great Master of Indian Astrology, Late Prof. Shri K.S. Krishnamurthi.

The KP System is based on advanced constellation theory.  It has given birth to the phenomenon of Sub-lords and is called “Sub-lord Theory”.Sub-lord is one of the 9 unequal subdivisions of a star, this concept being derived from 120 years’ expertise of the Vimsothari Dasa system.According to the KP System these sub-lords comprise the permanent structure of the 360º Zodiac, and the 12 cusps of the Zodiac starting from the 1st house to last house; each house has a cusp with a sign, star-lord, sub-lord, sub-sub-lord and so on.That is, each cusp has a subdivision called the “Cuspal Sub-lord”.  Similarly every planet as it moves from star to star, moves along these 9 subdivisions of a star called “Planet Sub-lord”. These sub-lords in their formation at birth or in a Horary chart are so sharp and they are capable to tell decisively of an event.  The sub-lord is a phenomenon revealed to us by Prof. Shri K.S. Krishnamurthi.

History of Evolution
From July 1927, Late Prof. Shri K.S. Krishnamurthi started to study various Astrological books and to undertake research on the subject. From the year 1934, when he tried to analyze astrologically the happenings in a person’s life, by employing both the Hindu and Western disciplines, he found that he could not arrive at a correct and exact conclusion.  Though many astrologers had utilized various methods, he could not identify a common correct method among them.  This resulted in his fatigue, disappointment and discouragement. So in 1939 he decided to explore the factual secrets of Astrology and started by devoting more of his time to research.  For this purpose he chose the horoscopes of two babies born at the same time, i.e. twins.  He found that the positions of all the Planets and Bhavas in both the horoscopes were identical – same Sign, same Bhava, same Degree and same Minute.  Yet the two of them did not enjoy their life in the same way – that is, one of them was enjoying all the comforts of life while the other was facing all the difficulties of life.  One of the twins got married at his young age and is leading a happy wedded life.  The other twin is anticipating divorce, why this disjunction? He began to analyze the reasons for the disparity.  Why the twins with identical positions of all the planets and bhavas on their horoscopes (and born in only 2 minutes’ difference) could not experience the aspects of their life in an identical manner?

Then he divided the constellation (in which the planets and the cusps are positioned) into 9 unequal proportions according to the Vimsothari Dasa system. These subdivisions are called the “Sub-lords” and the theory is known as the “Sub-lord Theory”.  In this theory, each planet will be traveling in a star and in depth it will travel in a sub-lord.  Likewise each cusp will have a constellation (Star-lord) and Sub-lords. He found that only these sub-lords are different in each of the two horoscopes of the twins (even with a difference of 2 minutes) and these sub-lords are causing the different experiences to both the twins.

He also discovered the constellation (Star-lord) in which a planet travels is stronger than the planet, and the sub-lord is much stronger than the star-lord of the planet.

The star-lord will indicate the nature of the event, but the sub-lord will decide whether the event would be fruitful or not.  This is the very basic fundamental aspect of the KP system.

Subsequently the Master established the relationship between the planet sub-lords and the cuspal sub-lords and their significance, and devised the KP system.  Another great discovery in his research was that of “Ruling Planets”.

He discovered that some planets have a common contact when the urge arises to question about an event, when that event is being analyzed, and when the event is taking place.  He named those planets as the “Ruling Planets”.  This RP concept is the lifeline of the KP system.

These ruling planets indicate to the astrologer the nature of an incident and the time when it would happen.

Thus the Master utilized the concept of Horary astrology to analyze the minor and major incidents in a person’s life and succeeded in predicting the time when such incidents would happen.

I take pride in announcing that I am utilizing this Scientific Method in my research of your horoscopes.

Good Luck !

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