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1)      Marriage matching does not stop only with the Star or Guna matching . It is only a general matching which may be required only to sort list the list of bride or groom. Even in this star matching, there are many schools of thoughts prevailing.

2)      Apart from the Star matching, Mars Dosha, Rahu/Ketu Dosa are also considered by many astrologers.

3)      The Most important factors to be considered in marriage matching are:

a)      A detailed study on the destiny through the 7th cuspal rulers and Venus.

b)      Study on the destiny on the longevity, progeny, career, finance etc., have to be studied for each chart.

c)      The significations of the running and the coming Dasa periods have to be studied

d)      Matching has to be done to the one whose chart is having either favorable significations or balancing of the negative significations to the other chart

e)       According to the strength and weakness in one’s chart, matching has to be done and other parameters like education, Social and financial status should not be given much importance for a happy and smooth marital life.

What the parents or the Bride or Groom have to do before proceeding with the Marriage proposals:

1) Generally the parents or the Boy or girl have the wrong perception that a boy or a girl being good looking and handful earning can easily get married and will lead a happy marital life. But it is not so happening to all. We can still find many good looking girls or boys with good earning are yet to get married even after the age of 30.  Why ?

2) The parents think that once the daughter crosses the age of 21 or 23 or so, it is the time to get married and they start looking for alliance. Then they get frustrated with the delay if any and disappointments after spending more money and time. Why this is so ?

3) Many traditional astrologers predict to the parents that the coming year will be auspicious due to the Guru Bhalam as Guru is going to transit favorably and this would fructify the marriage. But it is not happening for most of the people. Why ?

Primarily the parents or the native should consult a good Astrologer to check the destiny on the marriage and marital life in the chart. And they should find the possible and favorable periods of marriage of the son or daughter. Depending on the suggestion they should start looking for the alliance in the right period.

If the son or the daughter is destined for a happy marital life, but delay in the marriage is indicated, the parents should look for the alliance in the advised period by the astrologer instead of just bothering about the age or the comments by the relatives who always enquire about the marriage.

If the son or daughter is destined with hurdles or troubles in marital life , it would be hard to accept by the parents. They immediately start approaching some other astrologer who can say good bout that. An Astrologer can not change the fate of the native. They should patiently accept the truth and act accordingly as follows:

  1. They should look for the bride or groom in whose chart the favorable significators are present and they could balance the detrimental significations of the son or the daughter.
  2. The general expectation on the status, money and other parameters should be considered secondarily. Importance have to be given to the compatibility to our weakness in our chart. This has to be understood by the parents first sothat they can guide the children accordingly.
  3. Understanding the weakness in the chart, the parents have to guide the daughter or son to compromise with the partner to lead to happy marital life. They have to keep them under their guidance.
  4. A brought up boy or girl with a better chart would be more compatible to your daughter or son.
  5. Proper matching and conducting marriage in proper period/time are a must. Some do conduct the marriage in a period which is not favorable one for either of the couple. It is important that marriage has to be conducted in a period which is favorable for both the couple. The favorable period has to be judged through thorough analysis by a good astrologer.

And most of the people immediately ask for any remedies to get rid of that. And many people spends a lot of money towards that and blames the astrology for the nil effect. Or they run after other astrologers.

You must keep in mind that some remedial measures can help to increase the benefic effect or to reduce the malefic effect, but no remedies could completely change the destiny.

For example, If one is diabetic , he can not take more sugar even if he is a millionaire. He can control the sugar level with the proper nutrition and also medicines. But he may feel that he could not satisfy his fond of sweets. But understanding the seriousness of the diabetic , he tries to control his mind and run the life healthy to the best he can. Because he knows it would lead to all deadly health troubles.

Similarly a boy or girl with problematic destiny for marriage, even if she is rich or beautiful, he/she can lead a better life only through control of mind understanding the destiny and compromising with the partner.

Hence a fore most thing is to find the destiny of the marriage and marital life from a good KP astrologer and to follow his guidance carefully.

Good Luck !

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