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Horary astrology is a marvelous, very useful concept in the field of Vedic Astrology.  This continues to be practiced by traditional Hindu as well as Western astrologers.  The Master Astrologer Prof. Shri K.S. Krishnamurthi has researched and experienced scientifically over several years, the concept of “Krishnamurthi Paththadhi” (KP System) which is very wonderful and very precise.  Astrologers following either the traditional Hindu or Western disciplines above mentioned face difficulties in finding the answers to questions regarding the nature of events and the exact time when they would take place.  Most of them think that it is difficult to state precisely the time of the happening. This is due to the methods they follow in predicting.  But “Krishnamurthi Paththadhi” surpasses these and helps to find in the most precise manner the time when the event would take place.  The correct answers can be given to the people asking questions and the period of the event can be stated without hesitation.

For immediate precise and correct predictions the Horary chart Analysis is the best.

Our Master Astrologer Prof. Shri K.S. Krishnamurthi has established by his research that the “Ruling Planets” (RP) play a big role in analyzing and finding out the accurate timing of events through a Horary chart prepared according to the KP System.

According to the KP System, the “Ruling Planets” indicate to the astrologer the nature of an incident and the time when it is bound to happen, when a question about such an incident is raised.  Further it can be verified that those planets are indeed in the ruling position when the incident actually takes place.

The time of birth of a person may be not known, incorrect or doubtful.  In such cases, a difference of a few minutes on the Natal chart can effect changes in the sub-lords of the cusps of the zodiac.  Hence there is the possibility of wrong predictions and incorrect computation of event timings when they are based on such a Natal chart.  But it is not so with the Horary chart which is precise. When our competent astrologer analyzes a Horary chart prepared according to KP system, he is able to give the correct, Accurate Predictions to the questions posed by the client and also state exactly about the timing of an event.  This is the excellent aspect of the KP System.

Further, some happenings which cannot be found out with the Natal chart can be traced with only the KP System.  For instance, will I get back the stolen article? Is my missing daughter alive, and when she will return?  And so on.  So the KP System using the Horary chart is the best.

When a Question is raised, the client is asked a number from 1-249 to fix the Lagna (Ascendant) based on which the Horary chart is prepared for the time and place of the judgment by our Astrologer as per KP. Our Astrologer analyzes the chart and gives his best predictions to the Client.

Importantly, the person who is asking a question should have the urge to find the answer. Otherwise the Chart prepared will not be Radical and it may lead to wrong judgment. At the same time the astrologer will be prompted to give the Accurate Predictions by an urge to analyze the matter in question.

Good Luck !

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