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Due to the past karma, a female with difficult or delay in giving birth to children would get married to a male with similar significations in his chart. That is the destiny.

Out of those, Some couple could get progeny through medical treatments and some could not get success irrespective of their consistent try with many sceintiific medical helps. Out of those, the couples who have done some good karma would find a good astrologer with the grace of their Kuldev.

What An Expert Astrologer can do with Birth of a child ? 

An Expert KP Astrologer can properly study the birth chart of both male and female on the destiny of the birth of children .

If there are completely negating significations in both of their charts without any positive trace , nothing can be done.

If there are possibility of birth of children, only the running Dasa Bukthi periods are not favorable, the favorable or supportive periods of the birth of children can be predicted and advised to them to patiently wait for that.

But if there are mixed significations and obstacles are seen, the reasons for the obstacles have to be seen.

Then study on the favorable or supportive Dasa Bukthi Periods for both of them have to be found and they will be advised to go for the medical assistance or treatment in the right period. There, the possibility of success will be very high.

As we have to hit the rod when it is really hot, the couple have to undergo proper medical treatment in a right time so that the treatment will be successful in helping the conceiving and retaining the conception.

In stead of that, many couples without proper guidance used to spend lot of money and time on wrong periods and do not get any success. This makes them not only loss of money and time but also their hope due to frustration. And they miss to utilize the supportive periods due to lack of proper guidance.

Good Luck !

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